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Project "Jardin Artiparis"

This is a contemporary interpretation of the Rococo style of the period with powdery colors, floral patterns and gilding.The decorative motive is a gradient of geometric mesh. The lines are condensed on cups, saucers and small plates, more spaced on large plates. This pattern is a reminder of the delicate weft of the threads used to embroider the textiles of the Artiparis collection, giving an original and harmonious appearance to the table setup.

Hidden in the center of the cups and large plates, small flowers like secrets, reminiscence of the Rococo pretense.

The collection consists of a crockery set:

large plate (270 mm diameter), small plate ( 200 mm diameter), saucer (150 mm diameter) and cup (250 ml).

The set is available in 4 floral themes : pink Rose, blue Hydrangea, purple Iris and golden Artichoke.


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