ARTICHOKE 3 tablecloth

ARTICHOKE 3 tablecloth


Set including :

1 tablecloth (160 x 200 cm) embroidered with four artichoke flowers in its center.

Composition: 100% linen, embroidery in viscose yarn. Created in France. 



  • Products made from natural linen are known for their ecological and wear-resistant properties. With special and appropriate care of the fabric, the lifespan of the product is not limited.
    Care is taken to the embroidery. 
    . Washing can be by hand or by machinery at 40 degrees;
    . Possible use of stain removers or chlorine-free bleaching agents;
    . Stretch after washing;
    . Fabric ironing: at the back of the fabric with humidification at temperatures up to 200 degrees;
    . Embroidery ironing: at the back of the embroidery using a rudder at a temperature of 150 degrees;
    . Dry cleaning possible.